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Big Wednesday San Diego

If you lived on the West Coast during the massive swell of 12/5/07, then hopefully you took the time to get some nice, ice cream headaches that day. Yes, even in San Diego you need a full suit and booties during the winter sessions. This is a little So Cal video clip from that day referred to as…..Big Wednesday .

On 12/5/ a huge low pressure, thousands of miles from the California coast, generated extra-extra-large surf for the brave combatants paddling out to face the monstrous waves.

I am sure that some of you watching recognize or have even surfed the other spots in the video. Maybe you got barreled at Blacks? Or surfed Swami’s or Scripps. I love surfing Blacks and Swami’s.

Just a FYI, the north facing La Jolla Cove (like the one in the video) rarely breaks and it needs a very strong ground swell to produce bombers like it did on Big Wednesday. On a normal day, the La Jolla Cove is a peaceful tourist hang out and the waters are usually calm. Beach goers swim in the cool waters during the summertime and relax on the little tranquil beach.

Not on Big Wednesday! Check out the maniac in the video trying to body surf La Jolla Cove!!

Go Green or Go Home

Ecologic Designs Billboard Wakeboard Bag

Billboards for board bags? The answer is YES. That is the cool new concept behind Ecologic Designs and their line of eco-conscious bags. These wakeboard bags are made for the green hearted surfer. The recycled billboard bags are an eco-friendly option to the standard, manufactured vinyl board bags.

Ecologic Designs uses recycled vinyl billboard signs to make their bags. The environmental friendly bag is waterproof and each bag has a unique billboard design. It is like buying your own personalized board bag. Ecologic Designs definitely makes sense when it comes to reusing and reducing vinyl-based plastics. We can all positively impact the earth and ocean. Next time you are in the market for a board bag…think about Ecologic Designs!

The wakeboard bag is made for wakeboards less than 7 feet in length. The bag includes a comfortable carrying strap and an internal Velcro pocket for your rashguard, extra fins, leash, or sunscreen. Dimensions of the bag are 83.5″ x 24.5″ with light padding.

Pick out your personal wakeboard bag!

Surfing the “Ice River” in Munich, Germany

Grab your surfboard, schnitzel, and sauerkraut. You will need all three if you are planning a trip to the local “wave” in the middle of Germany.

The Eisbach, known as the “Ice River,” is a tributary of the Isar River. The standing wave, about 1 meter or about 3 feet high, rolls through the bustling metropolis of Munich, Germany. During the river “swells,” the wave can be surfed for as long as you can stay on your board. Check out the video and the guy body-surfing the wave! I wish I knew about this wave when I was driving through Munich.

Even though this is an artificial river with posted signs stating, “Surfen und Baden verboten” (Surfing is forbidden), Munich surfers and visiting tourists, still brave the elements. Watch out for floating debris, the rocks submerged right behind the wave, and the seasonal freezing cold water. The locals have even modified the Eisbach flow by rigging chains and 2X4 boards right in front of the wave. This apparatus gives the wave the consistent curling effect.

The wave is located next to the English Garden and very close to the famous Haus der Kunst museum.

So, the next time you want to celebrate Oktoberfest (Munich style) or take a European vacation, make sure you bring your board and some Euros.

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