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Welcome to the FAQ page for Holiday Vacations! Here, we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions to help make planning your next vacation as smooth and stress-free as possible. We hope the information on this page will answer any questions you may have, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

On Tour with Holiday Vacations
Air & Motorcoach Travel
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Personalized guest service is and always has been the focal point of our company. When you travel with us, you’ll experience the best care in the travel business. This tradition of excellence dates back to our founding in 1973. Add in our professional relationships with quality hotels, restaurants, attractions and other suppliers, you are assured a carefree and memorable vacation.

When calling our office during normal business hours, you can expect to talk to our friendly and professional Tour Consultants. They will happily assist you in a welcoming and informative environment. Whether you simply have a question, would like to request information or are ready to book a tour, you will not be prompted by a series of recordings and will receive live one-on-one assistance.

We recommend that you make your reservation well in advance of the final payment date, as most departures fill quickly. A low deposit of $200 per person confirms your tour reservation and is fully refundable prior to the final payment date. A friendly and knowledgeable Tour Consultant is happy to take your reservation by phone and answer any questions, allowing you the satisfaction of booking your vacation with confidence and ease.

Your tour documents will be mailed approximately two weeks to ten days prior to the tour’s departure date. Included within your nylon document holder will be flight departure & return information, TSA information to reference when packing, luggage tags, the daily tour itinerary, hotel list which can be given to friends/family, name badges with lanyards and a confidential emergency contact form which will be collected by your Tour Director at the start of your vacation.

Should the need arise to cancel your confirmed reservation, a simple phone call to Holiday Vacations will ensure that your reservation is released. Remember, your low $200 deposit is fully refundable prior to the final payment date. To avoid penalties after final payment, we encourage all guests to consider our Travel Protection Plan.

A key piece that is often overlooked when making the decision to purchase travel insurance is if something happens to an immediate family member that prevents you from traveling. I work with guests that encounter the unexpected on a regular basis. Oftentimes these situations involve a medical issue or having to cancel or leave a tour because something happens to a family member. I often hear: “I’m in excellent health and didn’t buy the insurance, but had to cancel because of a family member.” Frequently these circumstances would be covered by travel insurance.

Although it is optional, Holiday Vacations strongly recommends guests take advantage of our Travel Protection Plan. The plan offers accident and sickness coverage, baggage protection, trip interruption and cancellation insurance. Your vacation is an important investment. We encourage you to protect it.

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On Tour with Holiday Vacations

Each Holiday Vacations itinerary designates leisure time for our guests to independently explore, shop or sightsee. Your Tour Director will assist you in taking full advantage of your free time by offering suggestions for local attractions or by coordinating optional activities.

Our tour itineraries are designed to include the best a destination has to offer. Tour activity levels vary as sightseeing and attractions are unique to the area. The ability to perform each tour’s daily activities may differ from person-to-person. Should you have specific questions about one of our tours, please speak with any of our knowledgeable Tour Consultants. If you have questions about your ability to complete travel-related activity, please consult your doctor.

While on tour, casual and comfortable clothing is most always appropriate. It is recommended that you pack good walking shoes; specifically, a pair that is ‘broken in’. Due to the uncertainty of weather and air conditioning at attractions and restaurants, you may want to dress in layers and bring a light sweater or jacket.

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Air & Motorcoach Travel

Excellent question! According to the United States Department of State, currently it takes between four and six weeks to receive your passport after the application has been completed. This passport will be good for ten years. It is important if you already have a passport that it be valid at least six months after the return date of your international vacation, otherwise it would be a great idea to renew your passport so you can continue to travel the world care free!

We are pleased to offer our guests the benefit of included airfare for all of our tours. At the time of reservation we are happy to note your seating request; however, all airlines maintain the control of seat assignments. Please be assured we will make every effort to match your request with the limitations and restrictions put forth by the airlines. Airline seating preference is on a request basis and cannot be guaranteed.

Domestic tours: All passengers 18 years and older must carry government issued photo identification such as a valid driver’s license or passport. International tours (including Canada): It is our policy that all tours traveling outside of the United States require a valid U.S. passport. Passport cards and enhanced driver’s licenses are not acceptable for any Holiday Vacations tour traveling outside of the United States. For your protection, we require a passport be valid for six months beyond the tour’s return date.

You don’t need a passport to enjoy the warm tropical sun of Hawaii. Though it may feel like a completely different country when you feast your eyes on the lush palm trees, sandy beaches and crystal blue water, you can take in all the ambience of the South Pacific without ever leaving the U.S.! There are many benefits to Hawaiian travel including using U.S. Dollars for currency, having medical records available if care is necessary and the ease of traveling in an English speaking society.

COVID-19 Policy

No. For tours starting on or after July 1, 2023, Holiday Vacations does not require guests or Tour Directors to be vaccinated. However, some of the destinations we travel to do have requirements in place. Guests must have their COVID-19 and possibly other vaccinations as required by the destinations to which they are traveling. Holiday Vacations has followed the guidelines of the CDC through the pandemic and continues to do so. We recommend that all travelers stay up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.

The announcement shared with booked guests who are traveling after July 1, 2023 allowed every person at least nearly two weeks before the final payment date of their tour. If you elect to cancel, you should do so before that final payment. If you request to cancel due to these policy changes post-final payment date, applicable standard cancellation fees apply.

Entry requirements for destination can be found on the U.S. State Department website. Clicking the link for COVID-19 Country Specific Information under the box for Country Information. This website is kept up to date, and should be checked regularly.

Holiday Vacations does not require guests to wear masks. However, Holiday Vacations requires all guests to comply with local laws and regulations of the places we visit. If our destination requires masks in any situations, guests must comply.

While on tour, guests who develop COVID type symptoms will be asked to take a COVID-19 test. A negative test result requires no further action. Guests who test positive will not be able to continue with the tour group and will be asked to comply with CDC or destination guidelines regarding isolation and travel. Unplanned expenses incurred due to illness are the responsibility of the traveler and/or their personal travel insurance.

Our Trawick Travel Insurance policy covers COVID-19 as most other illnesses. Claims involving injuries or illnesses are best supported with official documentation by a medical professional. Holiday Vacations recommends that all travelers purchase travel insurance.

Most guests on the tour would continue to be identified as not a close contact. The CDC now recommends that if someone was a close contact and had direct exposure to a person who tested positive, they continue with normal activities, wear a mask, and monitor for symptoms. If a guest develops symptoms for COVID-19 whether knowingly exposed or not, we will request that they get tested for COVID-19.

Every country has different requirements for entry. While most countries and Holiday Vacations do not require any vaccinations or visa, guests must comply and adhere with the requirements of individual countries to travel.  To help you navigate requirements for your tour, go to

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